East China Normal University, Shanghai Government Scholarships – Fully Funded

East China Normal University brings us Fully Funded Shanghai Government Scholarships in the coming year 2022. Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. degree programs are being offered by East China Normal University (ECNU) for students all over the world. International students can now apply for the offer that covers everything during the study time period in China.

Formed in 1951 East China Normal University is one of the top research universities in the world aiming to flourish and nurture students from all around the world. The Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarships (SGS) is one of the most opted scholarship programs by international students. Also, visit Study in Malaysia – NO IELTS REQUIRED FULLY FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS.

Features of the Shanghai Government Scholarships

  • Host Country: China
  • Host University: East China Normal University
  • Degree: Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D. degrees
  • Financial Coverage: Fully funded

Benefits for the applicants

The applicants can enjoy their study period at ECNU with all their tuition fees and other expenses fully covered. The Scholarships are divided further into types:

  • Type A Full Scholarship
  • Type B Partial Scholarship

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For type A

  • Expenses that will be covered by SGS:
  • A waiver of tuition fee.
  • Medical insurance and a Protection Scheme for International students
  • Free on-campus dormitory for living
  • A monthly stipend will be given
  1. Bachelor’s Programs: CNY 2500
  2. Master’s Programs: CNY 3000
  3. Doctoral Programs: CNY 3500

For type B

  • Full tuition fee covered
  • Free medical insurance

Eligibility criteria

The international students that meet this criterion will be able to apply:

  • Applicants must not have received any other scholarships.
  • Remarkable abilities in research along with outstanding achievements.
  • Applicants under the age of 25 having a High School Degree can apply for an undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants under the age of 35 having a Bachelor’s Degree can apply for a Postgraduate degree.
  • Applicants under the age of 40 having a Master’s degree can apply for Ph.D./Doctoral degree.
  • The applicants must be Non-Chinese Citizens.
  • Applicants should be fit psychologically and physically.

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List of courses at ECNU

ECNU offers a large variety of courses with the duration being

  • for Undergraduate 4-5 academic years
  • for Master’s Degree 2-3 academic years
  • for Ph.D./Doctoral degree: 3-4 academic years. (The scholarship depends upon the program you choose).

List of Programs Detail is mentioned to choose from

Faculty/Schools for Shanghai Government Scholarships

  1. College of Teacher Education
  2. Institute of International and Comparative Education
  3. of Educational Administration
  4. Institute of Vocational and Adult Education
  5. Institute of Higher Education
  6. of Educational Informational Technology
  7. Institute of Curriculum and Instruction
  8. of Education Science
  9. School of Advanced International and Area Studies
  10. School of International Chinese Studies
  11. College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
  12. School of Computer Science and Technology
  13. School of Software Engineering
  14. School of Design
  15. Faculty of Economics and Management
  16. School of Psychology and Cognitive Science
  17. Department of Educational Psychology
  18. School of Public Administration
  19. School of Communication
  20. School of Arts
  21. Asia Europe Business School
  22. School of Physical Education and Health Care
  23. School of Foreign Language
  24. School of Social Development
  25. of Philosophy
  26. of History
  27. of Chinese and Literature
  28. of Politics
  29. Institute of Estuary and Coastal Research
  30. of Biology
  31. School of Urban and Regional Science
  32. School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences
  33. International Teacher’s Education Center
  34. State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy


How to apply?

Apply today on the website and pay the fees of your course on time. Provide these basic documents that are mentioned before the deadline of your selected course.

  • Application form of Shanghai Government Scholarship- ECNU, the original SGS document, and a copy filled in either Chinese or English.
  • The highest degree Diploma attested with official stamps must be uploaded. Must provide a Notarized Copy at ECNU.
  1. Undergraduate Program: High School Diploma or above
  2. Master’s Program: Bachelor’s degree or above
  3. Ph.D. Program: Master’s Degree or above
  • The ECNU requires Highest Degree Transcript attested with official stamps must be uploaded. Must provide a Notarized Copy at ECNU.
  1. Undergraduate Program: High School Diploma or above
  2. Master’s Program: Bachelor’s degree or above
  3. Ph.D. Program: Master’s Degree or above

ECNU must require a notarized copy of a translation in English if the applicant’s transcript/diploma isn’t in English.

  • The applicant will require two recommendation letters.
  • A published academic paper and academic achievements (optional).
  • One copy of HSK certificate (for taught Chinese degree).
  • Passport Scan
  • Photographs with white background
  • A photocopy of a Foreigner Physical Examination form filled in English.
  • Acceptance letter from a professor (optional).
  • Applicants must upload their CVs as well.
  • English Proficiency certificate
  • A 1000 words essay in English research plan/ study plan.


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