Best European Countries to Study Abroad 2021 – Complete Guide

Aspirants who are looking for the Best European Countries to Study Abroad 2021 must read this discussion. Here is the complete guide about the best Destinations to Study Abroad and they are ranked on the basis of Quality of Education, University Ranking, Easy Admission Criteria, and the available number of scholarships for 2021. Every year thousands of students travel from each country to study abroad.

International Students who wish to study in Europe have different reasons. Some of them want to go abroad to experience a different culture OR to learn new skills and languages. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you with countless options. Choose the best destination according to your Choices and preferences.

The world’s Top Universities and their tremendous scholarships are open for International Students. The list of Best European Countries to Study Abroad and their details are mentioned below. You can also apply for GREAT Scholarships 2021 In UK – 310 UK Scholarships – Apply Now. Let’s start with the list of the Best European Destinations.

8. United Kingdom – UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular countries to study abroad. UK universities are known as the best universities in the world. The scholarships in the UK are famous for Law & Business & Administration, Engineering & Technology and international students from all over the world are invited to apply.

Universities in the UK offer numerously Funded & Fully Funded scholarships every year. All international students can avail these golden opportunities. If you want to study in the UK, please check Aberdeen Global Scholarship 2021-22 – UK Global Scholarships.

7. Italy

Europe has always been a primary attraction for International Students and the scholarships in Europe are the most desired scholarships in the world. Last year, Italy was the 2nd most popular location for US students to study in Italy.

There are almost 89 Top universities in Italy offering different academic programs to international students. No doubt, accommodation and living expenses in Italy are higher than in Central Europe. The self-finance students’ fee is around 1000-1500 Pounds per year. Please visit Italian Government Scholarships 2021 in Italy – Fully Funded.

6. Germany

Germany is also a well-known destination for international students to study in Germany. The best thing about study in Germany is that universities require no Tuition fees for Undergraduate Programs and only administration fees need to be submitted.

The total expense for students in German universities is under $1000 per year. The most demanding academic courses in Germany are history, Physics, Mechanical Engineering & Philosophy, and Chemistry.

5. Ireland

Ireland is a favorite spot for students around the world to study in Ireland. There are almost 14 institutes of technology, 7 colleges of Education, and 7 world’s Top Universities. The most famous academic disciplines are Music, Business & Law, and Art & Design.

4. Sweden

Sweden is consistently ranked for its Academic Excellence and known as the top place for International Students. Multiple scholarships are also available to Study in Sweden.

3. France

The city of love France is the sixth most popular country to study abroad for international students. A total of 250,000 International Students were enrolled in the institutes and universities in France last year. Study in France is very affordable because most of the universities are funded by National Government.

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2. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the most attractive location for international students and it made it ranked 7th in the world with 82000 International students enrolled. Study in the Netherlands is a dream come true.

1. Spain

Spain has 74 Top universities for international students to study in Spain. Recently, the University of Barcelona ranked among the best universities in the world. Also, the cost of living and Accommodation is lower in Spain than in other European Countries.