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What type of website is ScholarshipandGrant.com?

ScholarshipandGrant.com is a leading free scholarship search resource that helps students pay and prepare for college. We have been around since 2019 and are among the most widely-used and trusted free college scholarship search and financial aid information resources on the Internet.

What can I find on ScholarshipandGrant.com?

1- All types of latest international scholarships
2- Educational grants
3- Research Fellowships
4- Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars, CMEs
5- Other education-related guidelines

Is ScholarshipandGrant.com free?

Absolutely yes! Scholarshipandgrant.com offers a free scholarship and college search, timely college news, and financial aid information on every device you can think of. ScholarshipandGrant.com is free and always will be.

How is ScholarshipandGrant.com different?

The Scholarshipandgrant.com proprietary database contains legitimate scholarships submitted by the scholarship providers themselves. A dedicated team vets, reviews, updates and adds scholarships to our database on a daily basis. If a scholarship is discontinued, we make sure to remove it from our database. Many sites rent an outdated list of scholarships with little information or offer scholarships that are highly promotional in nature. Also unlike some sites out there, we do not charge students to conduct a scholarship search or for any of our other services.

Are the opportunities legit on ScholarshipandGrant.com

Absolutely. Scholarshipandgrant.com’s expert staff reviews and approves each scholarship offer submitted to our database. Each scholarship is investigated and we never allow a scholarship to be listed in our database unless we are confident the award is legitimate. Under no circumstance do we accept scholarships that require you to pay an application fee or any sort of fee.

More About Scholarship and Grant

If you have questions about a scholarship and can’t find the answer in the eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions or general guidelines, your best resource will be the scholarship provider. You can contact them with the contact information we provide or by visiting their website. You can also Contact us and our team is always here for your help.